OLYMPIA Concealed Hinges


5 Levels of Soft Closing

OLYMPIA is the first concealed hinge ever built with Lapcon technology. The innovative rotary damper is not only extremely compact, for sleek overall design, its force can also be adjusted to 5 levels for a perfect match regardless of the door size or weight.

Phenomenal Durability

For a piece of furniture to last a lifetime, the hinge must perform flawlessly the whole time. Despite official requirements by JIS (Japanese Standards) asking for only 40,000 cycles, OLYMPIA has cleared 5 times as many (200,000 cycles) to ensure that you will always be able to open and close your doors without worry. (The H360 has passed 100,000 open/close cycles)

Simplified 3D Adjustment

Depth, vertical, horizontal adjustment screws are all located on top. This was made possible because of our original damper.

A New Step for Hinge Technology

From the initial design stage to the final inspection of the OLYMPIA hinge, we are proud to stamp it with our LAMP brand, a guarantee of long-term quality.

Product Lineup


Parts Sold Separately

Body: OLYMPIA 360 concealed hinge

Door thickness: wood: 15-20 mm, glass: 4-6 mm / Installation: cup size: Ø35, cup depth: 11 mm

Opening Angle Type Item Code Item Name Catch Damper Overlay Range Product Information
105° 19mm Overlay 160-026-840 360-D26-19T 15-19* CAD/Locus Chart
160-026-836 360-26-19T
160-026-832 360-C26-19T
160-042-389 360-U26-19T (sprung-open)
14mm Overlay 160-026-841 360-D26-14T 10-14* CAD/Locus Chart
160-026-837 360-26-14T
160-026-833 360-C26-14T
160-042-390 360-U26-14T (sprung-open)
9mm Overlay 160-026-842 360-D26-9T 5-9* CAD/Locus Chart
160-026-838 360-26-9T
160-026-834 360-C26-9T
160-042-391 360-U26-9T (sprung-open)
93° Inset 160-026-843 360-D26-0T 0 CAD/Locus Chart
160-026-839 360-26-0T
160-026-835 360-C26-0T
160-042-392 360-U26-0T (sprung-open)
85° 19mm Overlay 160-034-889 360-D26-19T85 15-19* CAD/Locus Chart
160-034-886 360-26-19T85
160-034-883 360-C26-19T85
14mm Overlay 160-034-890 360-D26-14T85 10-14* CAD/Locus Chart
160-034-887 360-26-14T85
160-034-884 360-C26-14T85
9mm Overlay 160-034-891 360-D26-9T85 5-9* CAD/Locus Chart
160-034-888 360-26-9T85
160-034-885 360-C26-9T85

* For a bore distance of 5 mm

Opening Angle Type Item Code Item Name Catch Damper Overlay Range Product Information
100° 26mm Overlay 160-029-084 H360-D26-26T 22-26* CAD/Locus Chart
160-029-081 H360-26-26T
160-029-078 H360-C26-26T
16mm Overlay 160-029-085 H360-D26-16T 12-16* CAD/Locus Chart
160-029-082 H360-26-16T
160-029-079 H360-C26-16T
93° Inset 160-029-086 H360-D26-0T 0 CAD/Locus Chart
160-029-083 H360-26-0T
160-029-080 H360-C26-0T

* For a bore distance of 8 mm

Pitch Item Code Item Name Type Product Information
System 30 160-026-844 360-P4W-30T Standard CAD
160-035-077 360-P4W-30T+5 Standard+5mm CAD
160-042-394 360-P4W-30T-DS Pre-mounted screw CAD
System 32 160-026-845 360-P4W-32T Standard CAD
160-035-078 360-P4W-32T+5 Standard+5mm CAD
160-042-395 360-P4W-32T-DS Pre-mounted screw CAD
System 32 with 4 holes 160-026-846 360-P6WT Standard CAD
160-035-079 360-P6WT+5 Standard+5mm CAD
160-042-393 360-P6W-30-32T Standard+7.5* CAD
160-050-436 360-P6WT-NA 8mm Depth Adjustment CAD
Straight 160-046-697 360-P3W-53T Standard CAD
160-046-698 360-P3W-53T-D10 With Dowels CAD

* Mounting plate positioned 7.5mm closer to the front compared to a standard one.

Pitch Item Code Item Name Product Information
2 mm Thick 160-046-075 360-DP2-P4 CAD
160-050-437 360-DP2-P6-NA CAD
Pitch Item Code Item Name Product Information
For 19 and 26 mm Overlay 160-046-883 360HC-19H26-NI CAD
For 9 and 16 mm Overlay 160-046-884 360HC-9H16-NI CAD
Inset 160-046-885 360HC-0H0-NI CAD
Item Code Item Name Finish / colour Product Information
160-043-631 GH-360FP-CR Chrome plating CAD
160-043-632 GH-360FP-SN Satin nickel
160-043-724 GH-360FP-GP 24K Gold plating
160-043-633 GH-360FP-BL Black
Item Code Item Name Product Information
160-045-368 360-BCS CAD
Item Code Item Name Product Information
160-042-396 360-JIG CAD
Item Code Item Name Product Information
160-042-335 360-85 CAD
160-044-151 H360-85 CAD
Item Code Item Name Material Product Information
160-070-030 TAP3515NI Steel CAD

Additional Specifications

Recommended type of damper per installation

Door size and recommended hinge quantity

  • —Please set the door center of gravity as the door center.
  • —If you want to increase the door width, please increase the number of hinges accordingly.
  • —Attach the upper and lower hinges within 100 mm from the edge of the door.
  • —When using three or more, install at regular intervals.
  • —Figures shown in the tables above are only indicative.
  • —Please always test before finalizing your design.
  • —Please contact us for any other configuration.
  • —The dimensions of the door and the number of hinges mounted are the results of tests made according to the JIS standard.
  • —All screw holes should be used.


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35 results

Products per page
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