The need for a compact stay

A bed storage application example.

The need for a compact stay

Key Issues

  1. The arms of stays often got in the way of taking out and putting in items in the storage space.

Product Information



— Used in combination with the concealed hinge 360-D26-19T、H360-D26-26T
— Light opening of lid (lift assist).
— Lift assist force adjustable.

*The information is current as of 7 September 2021.


The Solution

  1. The Aileron stays allow for easy access in and out of the storage space. The three functional movements also improve the motion of the lid.

Problem with Conventional Stays

The "stays" give more functionality to lids, such as allowing the lid to be raised lightly, lowered gently or held at just the right angle.
The hardware was essential for lid motion, but the problem was that the arm got in the way of using the storage space.
The following case study presents how Sugatsune resolved the client’s issue.

Removing the Arms on the Side Panels

Typical stays have arms that stick out from the side panels, which often get in the way when taking out or putting in items in the storage space.
Conversely, the Aileron is designed to alleviate this problem. Ailerons are special stays that are used over hinges and, unlike conventional stays, do not require arms on the side panels.
Conventional stays are mounted at three points: the lid, the back plate and the side plate. However, the Aileron stay is compact and unobtrusive because it is fixed at only two points: the lid and the back plate.

Conventional Stay: Mounted at 3 points, Aileron: Mounted at 2 points

Three additional functions for ideal movement

In addition to its compactness, Aileron also enhances the motion of the lid.
Three key movement functions are added in combination with the Olympia concealed hinge (with damper). This includes light opening, soft-closing and free stop movement that contributes to the smooth opening and closing of the lid.

Lid Movement: Lift Assist, Soft-close, Free Stop

Use Example: Storage Bed Lids

The following is an example of a Spanish student dormitory where Aileron has been used for the top cover of a bed with storage.
When conventional stays were used for a bed storage lid, the arms protruding from the side panels got in the way of using the storage space effectively, but by using the Aileron stays, items could be stored or removed easily.

Key Features: Easily get items in and out, Lift lid lightly, Lid closes slowly for safety, Lid stops at any angle

*The use of three Ailerons is an example of a customer case. Basically, we recommend using up to 2 Ailerons per flap.

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