A Powerful Hinge that Combats Anti-Sagging even on Wide Doors

Heavy duty hinge Wash basin Solution

Prevents sagging even on wide doors! Heavy Duty Hinge J95

Key Issues

  1. When using concealed hinges on wide doors, a several hinges must be used to support the door, otherwise it will sag.

Product Information


One-touch Heavy duty concealed hinge J95

— Suitable for heavy doors up to 25 kg (2 hinges) and 40 kg (3 hinges).
— Can also be fitted to glass doors by using the optional glass door faceplate.
— Easy, one-touch attachment and removal of the door.


The Solution

  1. The use of high load-bearing hinges meant that even wide doors could be supported with fewer hinges.

Issue of wide door sagging

Concealed hinges are essential for opening and closing furniture doors. However, with wide doors, the door will often slope downward, or “sag,” unless many hinges are used. This article will explain how this problem was addressed.

With 2 hinges the door sags

What causes the doors to sag in the first place?

The following are some of the reasons why a door may sag:

— The door is too heavy
— The door is too wide
— The interval between the hinges is too short
— Too few hinges are used

The common issue with all of these problems is that the hinges cannot support the weight of the door.

The Powerful J95 hinge to support even the heaviest doors

The J95 concealed hinge is an ideal solution for hanging wide doors. This is specifically due to its high load-bearing capacity: 25 kg for 2 hinges and 40 kg for 3 hinges. It is possible to support heavy doors with fewer hinges than with conventional ones.

Use 2 instead of 5!
High load-bearing capacity: 25 kg for 2 hinges

Support 800 mm wide doors with just two hinges!

A luxury hotel in Korea used the J95 concealed hinge for the bathroom sink plumbing maintenance door. Due to the 800 mm width of the door, it was necessary to use at least three conventional hinges, but with the J95, only two were needed. Since only two J95 hinges are required, it creates a cleaner and more visually appealing appearance. Additionally, since the same type of maintenance door was needed throughout the hotel, using only two hinges greatly decreased the overall installation time.

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