Lateral Open & Flush Close: Wardrobe & Vanity Unit Mirror Door

Explore the Monoflat LIN-X hinge series, which opens in a smaller radius to save space, ensuring they stay out of the way during and after opening. This case study showcases walk-in wardrobes with full-length mirror doors and vanity units with mirror cabinet doors.

Swing Doors



Key Issues

Case 1

Desire to add a large full-length mirror to the front of a walk-in wardrobe in a room with limited space.

Case 2

To make the bathroom vanity more convenient to use.

Product Information

[Case 1]


— The door closes flat against the wall and blends flawlessly.
— The maximum opening allows for wheelchair access.
— No tracks or groove machining is required on the floor.

*Information current as of November 2023.

[Case 2]


— Designed for overlay-style doors, which sit flush against both left and right doors when closed.
— Ensures that the doors do not obstruct in any way when opening or after they are open. Due to the minimal protrusion of the doors when opened, it can be used in tight spaces in front of cabinets.
— When closing, the damper ensures gentle and quiet closing.

*Information current as of November 2023.


The Solution

Case 1

By converting closet doors into mirrors, even in limited spaces, you can have a sizable full-length mirror. Since the doors move in parallel with the wall, the mirror surface remains visible even when the doors are open.

Case 2

The cabinet door doubles as a mirror, and the storage space concealed behind it provides storage, allowing both features to be utilised at the same time, even when space is very limited. Furthermore, the mirror can easily be moved closer towards you just by opening it, making it easier to do your make-up!

Case 1: Transforming Large Wardrobe Doors into Mirrors

The Monoflat LIN-X Hinge LIN-X1000 model is an arm-style flat door hardware suitable for heavy doors with mirrors. While converting large doors into standard opening doors usually requires space in front of the door equal to the door's width, the Monoflat LIN-X Hinge smoothly operates large doors without requiring extensive movement. This makes it ideal for compact spaces, such as beside sofas.

Furthermore, since the doors move in parallel with the closed position, the mirror surface is always visible when the walk-in closet doors are open, making it convenient as a full-length mirror. Additionally, with the soft-close mechanism, it ensures a gentle and quiet closing, providing peace of mind.


Case 2: Creating a User-Friendly Vanity Unit

You can easily move the mirror to the front, making the vanity unit user-friendly.
Using the LIN-X Hinge, which moves in an arc towards you when the door is opened, you can effortlessly position the mirror for convenient makeup application. The storage space behind the door is perfect for cosmetics, cotton, and other small necessities, streamlining your morning routine. Moreover, since the mirror moves laterally, you can prepare yourself while accessing what you need by simply opening the door.

The mirror (door) can be repositioned.

Adjust the mirror distance by partially or fully opening the door.

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