Ideal concealed door hardware for a chic entrance area

MFU1200 Ideal concealed door hardware for a chic entrance area

The MFU1200 door hardware was used for a walk-in closet door in the entrance area of a private residence. The goal of the product was to create a hidden door.
In this article, the benefits and objectives of this product will be explored. Specifically, the purpose of this project which was to fulfil the client’s request to “have the closet door look like a wall when it is closed.”


Key Issues

  1. The design goal was to create a closet door that could blend in and look like a wall when it was closed.

Product Information



— Sliding door hardware that makes the door flush with the wall when closed.
— Doors are push-to-open, so no handles are needed on the front side of the door.
— Equipped with dual dampers that open and close the door gently.
— No rails or grooves in the floor required.

*Information as of 19 July 2022.


The Solution

  1. The push-to-open door functionality eliminates the need for a handle to be installed on the front of the door.*
  2. The door's handle-less design enables it to flawlessly integrate into the wall and give the impression of being practically invisible.

Seamless blending into walls*

The MFU1200 is a push-to-open type door hardware that does not require a handle to be installed into or on the front of the door. The handle-less design allows for the door to seamlessly blend into the wall and appear to be almost invisible.
*Requires handle on back side of door.

Click here to see how it works. This “secret” door is only noticeable when you push it, making it a fun and functional design choice.

Maximising space in closets

The benefits of this product are not limited to its appearance.
With conventional swing doors, you have to make room in the opening direction of the door to accommodate its opening radius. However, the MFU1200 allows the door to slide open laterally, maximising the space available in the closet.

Back side of closet door shown

Back side of closet door shown
Left: Conventional swing door; Right: MFU1200 type

Maximum 70kg for heavy doors

Maximum 70kg for heavy doors

The door used in this project has a door height of 2700 mm, a door width of 1200 mm, a load capacity of up to 70 kg and has passed 100,000 open-close tests*, making it suitable for marble doors such as those used in this mansion.
In addition, the sliding mechanism is equipped with dual dampers. As a result, the door opens and closes softly and gently, the door an upscale feel.

The client commented that the heavy marble doors used with the MFU1200 “closed flat against the wall and moved smoothly.”

*Internal testing

This product can be used to create wall-like doors, save space and is compatible with heavy doors making it a versatile product for a variety of home interiors.

Photo and video provided by Modello Ltd

Click here for product video

Click here for installation video

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