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Tokyo Showroom (Woodworks Co., Ltd.)

Our concealed hinges were used in the Tokyo showroom by Woodworks Co., Ltd.
The hinge shaft does not protrude and is not visible when closed, enabling the full appreciation of the door's beauty.

Model House / DOHI HOUSE

Provided by: Dohihaus Co., Ltd.

Dohi House Co., Ltd., a house manufacturer, has incorporated our products into their model houses in Iwakuni and Higashi Hiroshima.
The door seamlessly blends with the wall, offering distinctive and unique movement capabilities.

Roadside Station / Yamagata Zao

Provided by: Zin-Ito Design Co., Ltd.

Our GS-G series hinges and cylinder locks designed for glass showcases were implemented in the roadside station.
To emphasize the showcased traditional crafts of Yamagata Prefecture, the preference was for hardware that would be as inconspicuous as possible. The black hinges and locks seamlessly blend with the black frame of the showcase, creating a harmonious aesthetic.
The meticulous finish also became a point of adoption.

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