10 Product Application Images Added Update:2024/03/27

Furniture in Private Residence

Provided by: Oonami Tategu Seisakusho

Our AILERON Stay and Drawer Slide were utilized in a private residence.
For a household with young children, the main reason for using these products was the feature of a soft-close function which ensures a gentle closure and prevents finger pinching.

※This application example has been provided by one of our customers, who has granted permission for its use.

Folding Counter in Private Residence

Our Folding Bracket and Folding Hinge were utilized to construct a foldable dining counter, enabling it to expand when guests arrive and provide additional counter space.
The folding bracket has a built-in damper, allowing the shelf to be folded slowly.
The main reason for using these products are the simple design and the mechanism that allows for safe lifting and folding.

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