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Coordinating the cabinet locks in white helps them blend into spaces that use white as the main colour.

Bedroom in Private Residence

The white knobs effortlessly complement the white wallpaper and bedside table.


When all shelf standards, shelf supports, and hooks are unified in black, they seamlessly integrate into bookshelves and wallpapers with a serene black theme.
The elegant matte finish minimizes reflection and pairs exceptionally well with wood.

TV Board in Private Residence

When unified in black, the drawer slides and handles blend seamlessly with the dark brown-based TV board.
Featuring a self-close and soft-close function, the drawer slides enable drawers to close slowly, adding a touch of luxury to the movement.

Kitchen in Private Residence

Kitchen in Private Residence

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The Triangle Bracket can be used individually and won't interfere with wall-mounted tables.

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Washroom in Private Residence

Our Multi-Purpose Lid was installed in the washroom of a private residence.
The client wanted a stylish and functional solution akin to those seen in the restrooms of trendy restaurants.
Not only does it enhance the overall aesthetic, but it also provides excellent usability, earning high praise from visitors.

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