Hidden Door Ideas with Sugatsune Hardware

A hidden door that blends into the wall.

Explore innovative concepts for hidden rooms and spaces using Sugatsune hardware.

Idea 1. Handleless hidden sliding door

  • The wall and the door blend together.
  • A gentle push slides the door open, eliminating the need for a handle.
  • Creates a sleek and clean look by eliminating the need for rails or grooves on the floor.
  • Successfully passed our 100,000 open/close cycle test, ensuring durability.

Utilising the Monoflat Unison MFU1200 allows for the creation of a handleless concealed sliding door that seamlessly disguises itself until pushed open. It's ideal for entrances, wardrobes or private spaces. Furthermore, the dual soft close mechanism opens and closes doors slowly and quietly, thereby imbuing a sense of luxury during door operation.

Photo provided by MODELLO.

Chosen to create a sleek and modern entrance area, our concealed door hardware was the perfect option.

Idea 2. A hidden door suitable for use in compact spaces

  • The door slides laterally in a compact radius, requiring less space compared to traditional swing doors—efficiency in space utilisation!
  • The door opens by sliding sideways in a smaller radius so it can be used in narrow spaces.
  • Supports a maximum door height of 2980mm, width of 1100mm, and weight of 90kg.

Monoflat LIN-X Hinge LIN-X1000 is an arm-type flat door hinge that can accommodate large doors with a door width of 1100 mm and a weight of 90kg. Depending on the design of the handles, door and wall, it is possible to create a floor-to-ceiling hidden door. The amount of space required to open the door is smaller compared to a swing door, making it compatible even for outward opening doors in narrow spaces such as in corridors. Enhance design possibilities with the flexibility to choose from options like single or double door openings.

This product won the 2016 Good Design Award and the 2017 Red Dot Design Award.

Idea 3. Add push-to-open functionality to handleless hidden doors

For a hidden door with a simpler construction, we recommend a combination of a magnetic latch and a concealed swing-door hinge. The metal magnet latch ML-ZN80 has a strong push force, making it suitable for large doors. When paired with the HES Series Concealed Hinges, it creates a completely flat door. It's useful not only for hidden entrances, but also for a broad range of applications, including storage closets beneath staircases.

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