HES Concealed Hinge Series

The HES Series

Experience the Unseen

When designing a door, it’s normal to focus on obvious visual aspects.
Hinges are often a secondary matter. With this in mind, we realise the value of hinges that won’t interfere with the door design.
The HES was designed to reflect this concept to achieve great door design and functionality.

The “Hidden Power” of HES Concealed Hinges

Conventional Hinges are visible from the outside of the door.

HES Concealed Hinges are hidden inside the door and door frame.

Enhance the Interior Space You Design

The HES series offers superb hinges that are virtually invisible from the outside. It discreetly enhances the beauty of doors without obstructing original designs. As a result, the HES hinges improve the appeal of numerous interior styles.
For example, the HES1F seamlessly integrates into door frames which enhances the overall aesthetic of interior spaces.

Product Advantages

Flawless Integration

Increased Safety

Easy Installation

Trusted Durability

Optional Items

*Does not apply to all HES3D products.

Product Line Up

Selection Tools

Digital Catalogue

The HES Hinges / No.420

The HES Hinges / No.420

The Secret to Beautiful Doors

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